Welcome to Styleknit

Styleknit is a vertical integrated garment manufacturer and wholesaler specializing in knitwear. We welcome you to explore this site to find out about what we do. We are proudly Australian made and believe in the benefits of local production.


We are Styleknit

Styleknit is a family owned and operated apparel manufacturer and wholesaler specializing in knitwear to the corporate, sporting, school uniform and mature age fashion market for over 30 years.  Styleknit prides itself on producing locally to specification and delivery deadlines in our dedicated Melbourne facility.


We can do it all!

  • Schoolwear
    Rugby Jerseys
    School Scarves
  • Leavers Rugby

  • Custom Manufacturing

  • Yarn Sourcing

All design, manufacturing and warehousing is performed at our Mulgrave facility in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.