Custom Manufacturing

Styleknit specializes in flat bed knitting using the latest technology from Shima Sieki from Japan.

Custom Manufacturing

Shima Sieki technology allows us to produce garments to meet quick deadlines efficiently and cost effectively.

This technology allows garments to be produced without seams and in small batches for quick turnaround production.  This is a unique capability which provides retailers and designers the option of local manufacturing with quick turnaround.

Let us know if you need any locally made knitted products and we can quote them for you.

Yarn Sourcing

Styleknit stocks and sources the following yarn fibers including:

  • Wool Nylon (80% Wool/20% Nylon)
  • Wool Acrylic (50% Wool/50% Acrylic)
  • Poly Cotton (65% Polyester/35% Cotton)

Rigorous testing is conducted by accredited testing companies to ensure the raw materials used to make garments meet customer expectations.  Yarns are sourced from the best mills in the world both locally and offshore to strict quality standards.

This ensures that a Styleknit made garment will be long lasting and durable.


    All design, manufacturing and warehousing is performed at our Mulgrave facility in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.